The backoffice solution to detect thermal segregation

The “PaveProjectManager“ serves to create evaluations and quality analyses for pavings in road construction. The necessary data is read from the project files, which were previously recorded at the respective road construction sites with the Pave-IR system.

A project file contains the thermal profile, the time, the construction track and the GNSS positions of a paved road section.

The thermal profile shows you many characteristics of the paving process. You can not only interpret the homogenity of the apshalt mat, it also shows you the material flow, the paver stops and even the truck loads.


"Thermal segregations are temperature differences in the hot mix asphalt mat.
It can cause premature failure in asphalt roads
and reduces significant the pavement's life due to low density from cold spots."

The MOBA PAVE-IR visualizes the thermal segregation
in the asphalt mat to prevent those premature failures.

How it looks on the paver

Real-time process data of the jobsite

How it looks in the backoffice

Real-time project analysis

Overview of the modules

  • Individual temperatures
  • Time diagram, e.g. for paver stops
  • Quality factor diagram
  • Speed diagram
  • Weather diagram
  • Map view
  • Report generation
  • Selection of areas to ignore
  • Future functions can be added

Generate your own reports

Reports specific to various DOT specifications can be generated in the PaveProjectManager. This report is based on TxDOT thermal specification Tex-244-F. The Report includes thermal and position details for each thermal profile.

The self-explanatory temperature profiles help you to easily analyse your jobsite project and to find optimisation potentials for future projects. With the reports you can also prove the quality of the job to your client.







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